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Meet the team

We are a team of womxn* who love cycling and want to help to make cycling more diverse and inclusive. We have all experienced a sense of exclusion to one degree or another when cycling and wanted to do something about it.

Get Out Cycling although womxn* led has something for everyone. We are a community cycling group affiliated with Cycling UK that wants to help to build a supportive, inclusive and diverse cycling community.


We are based in Lambeth and have a number of projects in the works including confidence building courses and group rides. Many of our activities will be free or at a minimal cost.


We would love for you to become part of our community which you can do by becoming a member, joining an event or activity, supporting us, or even just getting involved on our socials.


Explore our website to learn more or get in touch. 

*We have used Womxn as an inclusive term to include all women and non-binary people. We however recently became aware this term has been adopted by anti trans groups and as such will review our continued use of the term. In the meantime, we ask that you take our use of the word in the spirit intended. 

Click on our names to see our bios.

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